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Stephansstift - Zentrum für Erwachsenenbildung

The residential adult education centre Stephansstift Zentrum für Erwachsenenbildung gem. GmbH is a non-profit establishment. It is part of the entrepreneurial group Stephansstift for several social services, education and training in social fields of work. Stephansstift Foundation was created in 1869 as an independent protestant foundation in Hannover, Germany. Today Stephansstift is part of the enterprise group Dachstiftung Diakonie with more than 2500 employees.

From the very beginning, it focused on education and training. Stephansstift has youth and family welfare activities, children’s day-care centres, special needs schools, a residential adult education centre (with boarding home) and several nursing homes for the elderly. The centre for adult education continues the education traditions of Stephansstift and the residential Folk High School Movement from Scandinavia (Grundtvig). It offers adult and further education in the fields of personal development, social work (professional and voluntary work), health, management and communication skills and intercultural encounters.

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