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Mali dom Zagreb - Day Care Center for Rehabilitation of Children and Young Adults

Mali dom-Zagreb is a local public institution, founded by the City of Zagreb, which provides services for children and youth with multiple disabilities, vision impairments and additional difficulties.

We conduct educational and psychosocial rehabilitation services in compliance with the official programmes authorized by a relevant ministry:

  • Day care center  - Daily program conducted in groups, where we provide educational and rehabilitation activities, daily living activities, household activities, occupational, social and cultural activities as well as specific rehabilitation services such as Functional vision stimulation, Communication stimulation, Orientation and mobility etc.
  • Early intervention program - for children from birth to 3 years of age, we provide educational and psychosocial rehabilitation in a form of home based professional support services to families (Visiting Services)
  • Inter/transdisciplinary assessment - performed by a team of experts, holistic and individualised; we provide educational-rehabilitation assessment, functional vision assessment, physiotherapy assessment, speech and language assessment…

Mali dom-Zagreb provides regular daily services to more than150 visually impaired children and young adults with additional disabilities and deaf blind. Each year, additional 200 children from all parts of Croatia are included in our inter/transdisciplinary assessment and counselling programs.

Ourexpert teamconsists of special education teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, kinesitherapist, social worker and psychologist.

All members of the expert team underwent numerous and diverse education and were focused on acquiring a variety of specific knowledge in different areas of education and rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

As we are constantly looking for new ways to develop our programmes by providing the best quality service, we take part in various scientific projects, and we  put great emphasis on cooperation and networking with domestic and foreign institutions, organizations, universities and professionals from different fields.

We also provide trainings and education for various experts in the field of working with children with multiple disabilities, therefore in 2014. we established our Education center.

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