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Center for qualifying, work and social care Črna na Koroškem (CUDV)

Center for qualifying, work and social care Črna na Koroškem (CUDV) is a social welfare institution, established in 1968.

Today, CUDV offers many programs for children, adolescents and adults with moderate, severe and profound intellectual disabilities and additional disabilities.
The Centre provides three types of main services:

  • Schooling and training for children, adolescents and young adults up to 26 years of age (including boarding school)
  • Residential living for adults
  • Occupational center

CUDV's mission is development and application of professional knowledge based on rich experience and respect of fundamental human rights. Therewith we provide education, training, employment, advocacy, leading, nursing, care, psychological and social services for people with moderate, severe and profound intellectual disabilities. All activities are planned according to individual needs of the clients.

We set and follow high quality standards as regards implementation of services and programs which are tailored to the needs of the individual and her family.
Values of our professional work are: respect for diversity, professionalism, creativity, responsibility, cooperation, kindness, initiative, partnership, adoption of innovations, membership organization.

There are currently 313 clients involved in our programs. Over 200 employees work with and for them. Many of our clients experience emotional dysregulation and/or challenging behavior during their lifespan . The emotional aspects have, based on our experience, proved to be of major significance in developing cognitive and social abilities of our clients. It is important for them to feel secure, valued and cared about, and to develop strong social-emotional skills.

For achieving emotional regulation, we have adopted and implemented many different approaches, among the most successful art and drama therapy and bibliotherapy.

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