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Leben mit Behinderung Hamburg

Leben mit Behinderung is a parent’s organisation which was founded in 1956 by Kurt Juster. Inspired by the Swedish system he experienced during his exile he wanted another kind of support for his daughter Nina and joined together with other parents and families in Hamburg. Nowadays the association includes about 1.500 members. Since then Leben mit Behinderung supports people with different kinds of disabilities and various ages. As a service provider Leben mit Behinderung offers a large range of services like different kind of residential homes, sheltered workshops, leisure activities and educational services.

In the last 10 years Leben mit Behinderung put the focus on the person centred development of the organisation. They started different projects which are offering the possibility of person centred support and community connecting to enable social inclusion. These projects are embedded in the different areas of life like work (Auf Achse and Feinwerk), cultural life (Hamburger Kulturschlüssel and Stadttreiben) and person centred planning (Wunschwege and Mein Kompass). From 2013 to 2015 Leben mit Behinderung was part of the New Paths of Inclusion Network Project and worked on the question of organisational change.

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