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Gorabide is a non-profit association, formed by families of people with intellectual disabilities from Biscay. The aim of the association is to give support to these people so that they can fulfil their vital aspirations, in equal conditions along with the rest of the society and with a type of support planning cantered on the user. Founded in 1962, Gorabide is the first association of this kind in Biscay, and the only one that works in all the territory and with all types of intellectual disability. It has almost 4,700 users, which make for a total of 84% of the people registered within this group by the Provincial Council of Biscay.

The services that Gorabide manages cover the entire life spectrum of people with intellectual disabilities, and are comprised of eleven residences, ten homes, eleven day centres, as well as support for independent living, respite services, information and guidance, groups of families and about 2,000 places for leisure, free time and vacations. In addition, it was the promoter entity of Lantegi Batuak in 1983, to cover the employment needs of people with intellectual disabilities, and of Futubide in 1991, to offer the necessary support when their relatives are not able to take care of them.

Among the awards that Gorabide has obtained we can highlight the Gold A Award for Advanced Management, the Caixa Award for Innovation and Social Transformation, the keys to the city of Bilbao and Biscay as well as the State Prize for Social Volunteering.

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