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FENACERCI is the National Federation of Cooperatives and Social Solidarity and it has 52 associated members located throughout the country, providing support and services to about 25,000 people with intellectual disabilities and their families, with close to 6000 professionals.

While institutional interlocutor for Cooperatives of Social Solidarity , FENACERCI promotes an intense activity with various structures such as the INR , IP - National Institute for Rehabilitation , IP , IEFP - Institute of Employment and Vocational Training , ISS - Institute of Social Security and DGIDC Directorate - General for Innovation and Curriculum Development , integrating various working groups.


To promote quality and sustainability of the services provided by our members and to promote the rights of service users.


We advocate a society characterized by equal opportunities for all citizens, built with the support of organizations that are ethically responsible, sustainable and certified by the quality of services provided, identified by the active participation of the persons supported and by the defence and monitoring of social, political and citizenship rights they are entitled to.

Since 1996 FENACERCI actively promotes transnational cooperation, especially with European countries , which is reflected in the membership of umbrella organisations (ARFIE , Inclusion Europe, EASPD, CECOP, OCPLP and MHID) and the development and implementation of European projects in areas as diverse as self-advocacy, rights and citizenship, equal opportunities , inclusion through sport and leisure, violence and abuse, accessible  information, digital literacy, curricula for inclusion, and others deemed relevant to our organizations  on a total of 40 projects, with 26 European countries.

FENACERCI develops and implements through its Departments/Units, various activities and projects with direct and indirect impact on its members, in people with intellectual disabilities and their families and society in general. This impact is embodied in an improvement of the lives of these people , the quality of the services provided , and the recognition of the rights of citizens with intellectual disabilities by society in general and policymakers in particular.

With regard to social marketing and fundraising area, FENACERCI implements the oldest national fundraising campaign, the Magic Firefly Campaign.

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